kingdom of chaos

Welcome to my kingdom of chaos.
There will be no guide.
Have fun.
Try to not lose your mind.

Wow, yes, it is I, your queen of chaos!
I will post from time to time about my life.

I survived the Mishapocalypse 2013.


most of the time i’m like “i love this character a lot but i understand that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and some people might not like them”

but there are a few characters where i’m like “HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS PRECIOUS BABY ANGEL I WILL FUCKING FIGHT YOU”

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Matt Smith: I did a movie called How to Catch a Monster, which I’m really excited about. It’s gonna be cool. But Steven Moffat just looked at me and he was like: ‘Damn you and Ryan Gosling and your shaved head' because I haven't got quiff now and I need the quiff (for Doctor Who).

It’s a Ryan Gosling movie, right?

Matt Smith: Yeah, he wrote it and directed it. I was really impressed with him. He’s a brilliant guy. It was great. We filmed it out in Detroit, and it’s exciting.

Was it hard not to kiss him all the time? ‘Cause he’s super handsome.

Matt Smith:Yeah, and really clever and kind as well. You know when someone’s good, but also they’re a good bloke. He didn’t disappoint.

Was he a doctor who fan?

Matt Smith:No, what’s weird is, I’m playing a real lunatic in this film, and the way I got the audition was, randomly, he (Ryan) saw that speech from the Pandorica opens and he said, ‘Imagine if there were no spaceships there, and the doctor was just on his own, and he wasn’t talking to anyone’.

He’d just be a mad man without a box!

Matt Smith: Yeah! So I went and I did the audition and I got the job.

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sometimes I feel guilty for skipping songs on my phone like I’m sorry song I love you I’m just not in the mood for you I’ll come back later though.

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"i’ve moved on" "Not really in the picture anymore" "Are you going to see him again" yes please keep using dating and romantic vocabulary to describe John and Sherlock’s relationship 

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I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way still I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday

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The phantasmagorical and surreal animal sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. Between dream and nightmare, some strange creations born of a symbiosis between organic and mechanical elements, a meeting between fantasy, gothic and steampunk. Some very detailed sculptures in clay on a metal frame.

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Every time Dean says “I’m fine.”


New drinking game:  Everytime Dean says “I’m Fine,” drink.

Dean’s already playing that drinking game.



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